Welcome to the Updated Site



Folks! Welcome to the revamped Scurvyville site.

After a few years of managing a simple, coded-from-scratch site to showcase the work, I felt it was time for Frank and his buddies to stop being so antisocial and give them a more responsive and fully integrated platform to wreak havoc upon. Fancy, right?

The Scurvyville Instagram and Facebook feeds (along with Twitter and others) have been integrated into the site and as you’ve discovered we now have a proper news feed to keep you informed of upcoming shows and new work.

Also, you’ll now be able to share/like content via the icons in the lower left hand corner of the site as well as access the Scurvyville shop via the menu bar to purchase original artwork and merch.

Lastly, if you’re new to the work, feel free to check out the map and character bio links on the bottom of the site to familiarize yourself with the town and its inhabitants.

Check back often for updates and new work. There’s a number of big things on the horizon.